Scott Cornwall - Str8 Forward Super Straight.

A rather long awaited review, but you'll eventually see why I put off doing this post.

What says:
Scott Cornwall Str8 Forward Super Straight is a permanent hair straightening kit with Keratin that conditions hair and can last up to 3 months.

There’s no need for expensive salon treatments and daily hair straightening with Str8 Forward, it adds Keratin, the hairs natural protein, to help maintain its style, saving you time and money.

The soothing chamomile and nettle will replenish any lost moisture and the collagen will fill in any voids resulting from general wear and tear.

Curly, frizzy, bushy or unruly hair will be tamed and straight hair will no longer be an unobtainable dream.

The science bit ...

Str8 forward works by firstly breaking the internal bonds inside the hair – this phase leaves the hair open and able to accept both protein and a new shape. The part B Keratin phase then fills the hair with rich protein. With the new condition settled deep inside, the hair can then be straightened to create super smooth results. Finally the part C fixing cream re-connects those bonds creating that permanent ‘straight’ result.

Not suitable for:

• Henna treated hair

• Heavily bleached hair

• Hair treated with Lye relaxers

• Afro Caribbean Hair

There are 2 types of treatment if you have very curly, non colour treated hair, then Super Straight is the one for you. Alternatively for hair which has been colour treated, is sensitised or generally dry use the Extra Conditioning treatment.

Result will last for an average of 3 months however longevity is based entirely on hair length, longer hair may find the straight sleek pattern lasts beyond 3 months, whilst it is common for very short hair to revert to their previous texture after 6 weeks.

As with Colour B4, you get 3 treatments in the box. A straightening cream, keratin protein and fixing cream.

Now this treatment in total took about 5 hours to do on my hair. It's a very long process and involves a lot of hair washing, blow drying and straightening. I can't remember the exact order as I don't have the instructions to hand.

But this was after the final wash, blow dried:

Pretty straight compared to my normal mess of hair.

Then to finally seal it you have to take minute sections of hair and straighten them between 6 and 12 times. I told my Mum to do 12, just to make sure. This was the longest part of the process.

Here it is after totally straightening:

Now the 2 main rules after you've done this is to not get your hair wet and do not tie it up for the next 3 days. Coz your hair bonds are still being created, therefore if you tied it up, you'd be left with a permanent kink.

So I did exactly that.

Here it is after the first proper wash, air dryed:

What the hell is that?

Where's my super straight hair gone?

We did exactly what the instructions said.

Would I recommend? Hell naw I wouldn't. That's 5 hours of my life I'll never get back.

It's back to my Cloud 9's for me then ...

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