Goodbye, Friend Connect.

Next day edit; I was referring to the fact if the box was gone and only the blogger could see it but you could still follow people as normal, just without having to see how many followers they actually have.

It's been a long time since I did one of those controversial posts that separates people. You're either standing on the for or against, there isn't really an in between.

It's currently 1:36 in the morning and this a completely spontaneous post but it's been something that's getting on my nerves for a while now.

What it is it? It's this ...

That damn Google Friend Connect box.

You ever noticed how much hate and unnecessary bitching it causes?

People with few followers seem to think that anyone with a higher number than them, is somehow better than them. That is not the case, it's just a number isn't it?

I often see on Twitter, less 'out there' bloggers feeling sad and like their blog isn't worth much because they don't have as many followers as soandso. I've been there before and I sometimes get it now.

'What's so bad about my blog?' 'What makes theirs better than mine?'

It's just a number.

Would you rather have 8 loyal followers who religiously read and comment on every post, or 8000 'followers' who don't even bother reading it or leaving you feedback?

If you look back to this time last year, I had less than half the followers I do now and I was getting twice as many comments. Just because you have lots of followers doesn't mean you're going to get lots of comments.

Now this isn't a dig at any of my followers who don't comment, or to anyone that has a ton of followers.

I'm just putting it to you, do you think blogging would be somewhat less competitive if there was no GFC box? It seems to be the root of all jealousy as far as I can see.

There's always going to be someone with less followers then you and there's always going to be someone with more. You just have to remember first and foremost, you should be blogging for yourself. Blogging isn't a competition in who's going to have the most followers. I've lost count of the amount of times I've said it, especially recently, it shouldn't be about that. You should want to do it for yourself.

Don't beg people to follow you, it's not pretty to see. If they want to they will.

The number of followers you have does not define you as a blogger.
It just simply means yours is a little less 'out there', a diamond waiting to be discovered but if you try your hardest and work at it, you should be proud knowing that you're doing your best to get those followers.

I've been wanting to delete it since forever. But I didn't think there was another way to follow than to either have this, or the BlogSpot toolbar, which I do not want. But there is so if you want to follow, you can just click the picture in the sidebar and you'll be taken to a page where you can do so.

I've taken it away because I feel you shouldn't judge a blog by how many people follow it. And you shouldn't feel disheartened or jealous by the amount of followers it has.

I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, I can't sleep. But I'm curious as to your opinions on this. Do you think not having the GFC would take away the competitive and jealousy (for followers) aspect away from blogging? Or do you think it would stay the same? Let me know any of your thoughts on this matter.

Goodbye, Friend Connect, you won't be missed.

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