Super Short Someday Summary - Saturday.

♡ Just disregard the fact I've not taken a new photo. I've been struck down with every illness under the sun. Ok, not quite. But I'm currently suffering from a cold, flu and a throat infection. It is the most disgusting combination of things to have ever. Hence the lack of posts. I'm not really thinking about makeup, more trying to stop coughing myself to death. Apparently it'll be around for a week or so.
♡ Russell Howard's Good News is back! Yay! I love him and that show makes me laugh so much. But there was something on it at the end of the first show that got me on Google straight away. If you saw you'd have saw the little piece about a girl called Kirstie Mills. She actually doesn't live that far from me but she suffers with cystic fibrosis and is keeping a blog about her battle here. It makes for interesting reading.
♡ 3 Little lovelies;  Listening to - Goodbye Lullaby - Avril Lavigne.
♡ Rocking - China Glaze Pool Party on the toes.
♡ Eating - Rolos and no, you can't have my last one.

I know that was a poor SS post but I just wanted to update on those 2 things really. Sorry guys.

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