City Haulin'.

I haven't done a haul in forever. October, if you'd like to be precise.

But I picked up some little beauties whilst I was in Bristol on Thursday with my BFF, so I thought I'd share.

I was just browsing the Collection 2000 section in Boots, with no intention to buy anything. But then I was overwhelmed with sparkly goodness that is - the Glam Crystal Liners.

I picked up two that I knew I'd wear most. Le Freak - a bright blue turquoise. And Shake It Up! - a rich purple with multicoloured glitter. Review to come on these soon.

They also had an offer if you spent £4 (or was it £5?!) on C2K products you could pick up a free nail polish. I went for Parma Violets - a rich deep blurple. It photographs super blue though! It really isn't.

Before that I hit up the M.A.C counter in Debenhams to Back 2 M.A.C. I got C to help me pick something as I had no idea what I wanted. We both decided on Rebel. I was eyeing it up beforehand but was sure it would look too dark on me. I love it though.

I also bought Viva Glam GaGa 2 whilst I was there. I'd been after it since I came out, plus all the proceeds go to M.A.C AIDs. So I get something pretty for donating money. :)

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