Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic.

A Ballistic aimed at young children ... Which means I clearly had to have it! Such a child at heart.

This came out last Mother's day, or around that time because that's last years Lush Times in the background from when I bought it. That's how overdue this review is.

What says:
A ballistic that will send little ones off to sleep? Does not compute! Drop it in the bath with baby bots to calm them down. They'll soon be dreaming of electric sheep with a sleep-inducing combination of lavender and sandalwood oils.

The main reason I got this was because I like relaxing things as I have a hard time sleeping but I really don't like the smell of lavender. So I figured this wouldn't be too strong. I was right in thinking so. It's actually something I can put up with and rather quite like.

The scent isn't really overpowering, it's not strong but it's there. It's a very soothing and calming Ballistic, definitely one to use at the end of the day rather than the start.

The scent doesn't last as long as I'd like, since it isn't super strong but it does what it says.

This is the cheapest Ballistic they do at just £1.75, which is good considering the most expensive is £3.70. But most of them are around the £3 mark.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I've been repurchasing this since it came out last year.

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