RIP Ale - Queen B Makeup. ♥

Out of respect for the family I waited until I was allowed  to post this. Though some people are not taking their wishes into consideration and still persist on putting it all over Twitter.

It came as sad news recently that my dear friend Alejandra from Queen B Makeup, unfortunately passed away this past weekend.

She was one of the first 'Gurus' I spoke to when I first started out blogging. I was surprised she even gave me the time of day. But she made me realise I had a talent and should use it. She always supported me, even when I thought the looks I'd done were rubbish.

She was hilarious and always found a way to make me laugh.

No one quite did eyeshadow like Ale, and she always inspired me to play around with colours.

Here's some of my favourite looks:

She truly was a gem to this community and she will be dearly missed.

My thoughts are with her family and fiancée and this sad time.

RIP Ale. ♥

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