Someday Summary - Saturday.

 First and foremost, The Royal Wedding. Right up until yesterday, I will admit I was one of those who didn't give a hoot. I had to work, it was terribly quiet and a total drag. But then I got home and logged onto Tumblr and saw all the amazing photos and cute GIFs, I changed my mind. There where rumours weeks ago that Kate was going with a Galliano dress, thank goodness she didn't. Then on Twitter a few days ago it came to light that it'd be an AMcQ. I'm so glad she went with the latter, I may be bias but it looked stunning. I also applaud her for doing her own makeup. They both looked really and truly happy, I hope it lasts for them. I wonder how many people are going to be chasing after Prince Harry now ...
 Ordering a dressing table. I've never had one in my life. A desk, yes but it's not the same. Last week I ordered a proper one. Mirror, draws, the works and it's coming on Thursday. I'm actually so excited to get it. Post will follow, of course.
 Dresses. I couldn't tell you the last time I wore one of these, before Sunday that is. I bought two last week. They're those kinda that can be worn as a dress or a full length skirt. I love them! They are so comfy teamed with a pair of leggings. My new favourite thing to wear. :)
 Making surprise plans. But since they're surprise, I'm not allowed to talk about them. ;)
 May have a slight addiction to Sims Late Night. Even though it's started shutting in the middle of the game for no reason. :(
 3 Little lovelies;  Listening to - Judas - Lady GaGa.
 Loving - Painted toenails.
 Smelling like - Snow Fairy.

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