Collection 2000 Glam Crystals - Le Freak & Shake It Up!

It's no secret that I love glitter. The clue's in the blog name.

It's also no secret, I'm a slight makeup snob and believe for the most part, you pay for what you get so I prefer buying from more expensive brands. But ever since Liloo swatched the entire Glam Crystals collection, I have been seriously lemming.

I picked up 2 when I was in Bristol last month as they were on offer.

What says:
- Tiny glitter particles suspended in a clear, quick drying gel.
- Includes precision brush for easy application.
- Wear over eye shadow or alone with mascara.
Use as an eye liner or layer up over the eyelid and wear as eye shadow for all over sparkle.

Le Freak is a bright blue with a slight hint of turquoise to it. It looks like it's just bright blue glitter but when the light hits it you can also see some yellow and deeper blue in there.
Shake It Up! is a greyed purple with holo glitter scattered through it.


Le Freak - one swipe, layered, one swipe over Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss.
Shake It Up! - one swipe, layered, one swipe over Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss.

On first swipe they look a bit rubbish, let's be honest. But if you layer it with 2 or 3, like the middle swatch, they become super pigmented and really glittery.

I also tried them over a black liner as I found it helped show the coloured glitter in Le Freak more than when it's on it's own.

So do they live up to Liloo's hype?

Yes! I am now in love with these and at a mere £2.99, you honestly can't go wrong.

I wore Le Freak on it's own with mascara when I went to see The Blackout last month. Everyone in that venue was literally dripping with sweat (gross I know!) but when I got out this liner was still on my eyes and still pretty perfect.

Do I recommend? Of course! I would highly suggest these over Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liners. Now I love UD but check out the appalling swatches here.

A little maths ...
Urban Decay - 7.5g for £13.
Glam Crystals - 6g for £2.99.

Would you rather pay £13 for poor pigmentation or £2.99 for pigment that packs a punch and sparkles the whole night?

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