Someday Summary - Saturday.

Daddy's out of hospital and Blogger's fixed itself which means back to normal blogging. Yay!

♡ Ever get those days where every photo just comes out terrible (even the above)? I had a planned on doing a FOTD but it came out pretty rubbish and the photos were even worse so I skipped that.
♡ Catching up with Gossip Girl. When S2 was airing I stopped watching by accident after 8 or so episodes. So I started at the beginning and have been catching up for the last few days. Love it.
A lot of people have been asking to see my new vanity. I will do a video and a post on it once I've finished everything. There's still a few more bits I need to fill it up with so once that's done, you can see.
♡ My camera's getting worse. The screen is getting dirty, from the inside? Either way I'm saving for a new one even if I am terrible at saving.
♡ Eurovision. I think everyone on Twitter is watching it. Or at least everyone on my timeline. I only watched it for Jedward and Blue. The latter were terrible. Loved the former. ;)
♡ Do you have a Tumblr? If you do, why aren't you following me? It's my favourite thing. Full of pretty pictures, inspirational quotes and yummy foods I could never even dream of creating. It's really easy to use. I use mine as a sort of scrapbook for all the images I love. Day to day goings on and conversations with friends that I want to remember. :)
♡ 3 Little lovelies; ♡ Listening to Roman's Revenge - Nicki Minaj & Eminem.
♡ Loving - Work bonuses, even if it will get taxed away.
♡ Enjoying - Rare lie ins.

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