O.P.I - Significant Other Color.

I finally have nails to swatch on. Yay! 

First up for you, I have one of my all time favourite sheers.

This is 3 coats and the 'smile line' wasn't all that visible unless in bright lighting but I think this would also work well as a layering polish.

Significant Other Color is a pink with just a touch of lilac to it. With an added lime green yellow duochrome that can also pull yellow when in duller lighting.

It's been compared to Adina by Zoya. Now while I do think the colours are somewhat similiar, Significant Other Color is a lighter more pink based polish. But they both have the same kind of duochrome - a bright yellowy green.

I love this polish. It spreads over the nail itself for the most part so leaves little work.

It is such a joy to wear, I simply love it and I'm not the biggest fan of 'barely there' colours.

I suggest you all go and get this! Seriously.

What do you think of duochrome polishes? Are you a fan?

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