With Your Faith, You'll Trigger A Landslide.

When I made my first 'life' post, I made a poll and asked you guys to vote on it.

It's closed now, so how were the results?

When I put it up I had about 10 votes on the latter and none on just makeup.

It was really weird because I honestly didn't expect such a landslide of a vote.

So thank you if you voted, I really appreciate it.

I guess that's settled now. My blog is going in a bit of a different direction. But change is always good. It doesn't do to stay the same.

Now if you're one of the 11 people that voted for just makeup, you can either stick around and just ignore the other posts. Or you can unfollow, which is what I expect since I've had a fair few lately. But feel free to let me know why you don't wish to see the other posts. You can do it anon here if you'd like.

And if you voted on personal and beauty, then I thank you for reading my mind. It's really what I wanted to do.

I've tried to balance it out with one beauty, one life, one beauty etc.

I'll be blogging more frequently but it won't always be reviews.

I hope you guys stick around. I appreciate all those that do. Thank you! :)

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