If You Think I'm Coming Back, Don't Hold Your Breath.

♥ Remember how in my last update I mentioned I was using a Canon 450D at a BBQ?

Well I managed to get the photos. Since I don't have a any photos to update with this week, I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

They weren't edited by me though. :)

I need this camera stat.

♥ I haven't been up to all that much this week, hence the lack of pictures. I only just got paid so I didn't have any money to do anything.

♥ I've been working a fair amount. I'm trialling for something new on Tuesday. I start at 6AM. That's real, not a typo. I usually lay right in on Tuesday because it's my day off, so getting up for that should be ... Interesting. Hopefully I enjoy it and go for it though. Not only would it make a change but the latest I finish is 10AM, so my days shall be free. :)

♥ I just ordered a lovely new watch. It should be here early next week. I only ordered it at about 8 on Friday night and it was already dispatched by Saturday lunch and the delivery was free! Shall definitely blog about that as soon as I get it.

♥ I haven't really been wearing makeup lately. My skin is atrocious and I have no idea why. I need to up my water intake and switch up my skin care. I love Lush so I'm going to go with that and some Soap & Glory bits and pieces. Hopefully that will sort it out because it's really depressing me. If you have any recommendations on things to clear up acne prone skin, do let me know.

♥ Summer dieting. It's no lie I'm not a stick but in summer I hate eating. I never eat breakfast as is it is, I go to work all day and usually don't eat till I get home. I don't eat all that much, just the wrong things. I won't be blogging about it too much or mention what it is I'm doing, I don't want it to affect people or have to give advice on it. I'm not sure that makes sense? It does to me .. Sort of.

But yeah, I know it's worked in the past so I don't mind doing it again.

♥ It is sad that I know I'd feel better if I was slim, society makes out like it's the only way to be but I can't help but feel like that. Especially when I get told I'd be pretty if I was skinny.

♥ Also going to start working out a little more, taking the dog out more (maybe) or just doing lots of window shopping. ;) After all that involves walking, right?

♥ Any Supernatural fans following me? I've only just got into it after stealing the first boxset off a friend. Not going to lie, I only wanted to watch it because Jensen Ackles is freaking beautiful! And of course, I had heard good things about it. I am loving it though and yes, partially down to how pleasing to the eye Dean is. ;)

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