Partial To Neons: Une Partie Deux.

After part one a week or so ago, I finally added something else to my collection.

I've been lemming this since I got my first Paul's Boutique bag at Christmas. I needed something a little more 'everyday'. I know a lot of people don't like PB and there's a lot of the bags I really don't like. But I don't want a leather bag (watch Kill It, Cut It, Use It on BBC3, it'll put you off forever) and these are animal friendly so perfect, just what I need.

My new love, the Large Maisy in Neon Pink, which is much more neon in person.

I found this on the inside and wondered why there was a padlock just hanging there. With a bit of fiddling I realised what it was for ...

When it was inside the bag and I noticed the underneath I thought to myself, I'd just stick the padlock from the charm underneath to see if it undid and voilà! I can now lock my bag, which shall be extremely useful when I'm travelling especially now I have a Kindle. Without the worry of someone delving on in there and helping themselves.

This colour isn't for the shy or faint hearted but I love it. It's quite flat which means it lies closer to the body instead of sticking out awkwardly. It's also somewhat like a tardis. It fits so much in it!

Are you a fan of statement bags? Or do you prefer understated? Let me know your thoughts on anything bag related in the comments below!

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