I've been meaning to this post for ages.

Just wanted to show you some of the photos, as promised, from the shoot I did back at Easter with my friend Chris. ( / You should go check them out, although The Riot isn't finished yet, but they did film this cider advert. ;)

There is a ton of photos, I'm not going to upload them all but there's some more here that I haven't posted.

Skin and lashes are Clinique. I can't remember what exactly, models own, sorry!
I used a selection of shadows from my Naked palette with Bourbon 24/7 eye pencil along the upper lashline.
All topped off with a touch of Snob lippie from M.A.C.

 It started off terrible, not going to lie. The model we had cancelled the night before but we managed to get a friend of Kat's (hair stylist) an hour or so before.

Almost didn't happen but I'm glad it did.

I was stressing beforehand that I would be terrible but I wasn't too bad. At least, I don't think I was. :) It's experience though!

And I'm glad we went to the beach we did. It's super pretty and local to me but I'd never been! Such a nice day.

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