I Hope Your Apple Pie Is Freakin' Worth It!

♥ I've been trying to write this posts for ages but Twitter and YouTube have been distracting me. Not that I mind, I used to be a Twitter addicted and racked up thousands of tweets a month but I seem to have slowed down. I feel like I slipped out of the Twitter loop so if you want someone to talk to, @ me! I always reply and if I don't I may have just missed it because of a flood of @replies, just try again. :)

♥ Last week a supervisor at work gave me a home made red velvet cupcake. Now let me tell you, this women is amazing! She should not be a supervisor at that place, she should be making strawberry daiquiri cupcakes (so good!), cider cake, Boston cream pie cupcakes and whatever else she pulls from her Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. Her cupcakes are godly! And she could totally make a living off them.

♥ The reason I got it was because I'm semi leaving. Semi being the fact I'm still working for the same company, same store, just a different department. I've been on that department for 6 years! Does seem a bit like the end of an era. But onwards and upwards to better things. Like less hours and 6AM starts. But in all honestly, I don't mind those. I'm doing something I much prefer. Though I'm not saying what or where (if you know, you know) since it's a gigantic company and they're pretty harsh with derogatory comments online.

♥ Since I've had a little while off before I start (next week), I've been enjoying the nice weather, sitting outside reading on my Kindle. I just finished up Something From Tiffany's. Very good read though the epilogue annoyed me no end. It's one of those where you think you know what's happening and then it turns out to be a totally different twist. Definitely recommend! I stared on Lauren Conrad's Sugar & Spice last night, a quick light read as I'm almost half way through already. Has anyone read anything by Stephen Kind? Namely The Shining? Loved the movie, plan on reading it next!

♥ Also forgot to add, when it's too hot I've been hiding inside watching more Supernatural, Season 3 now and loving it. Hence the title. Why isn't Jensen Ackles my lover?

How can one resist?

♥ OPI Nail Envy, oh how I love thee. I don't want to speak to soon and jinx it but it's doing wonders for my natural nails at the moment.

♥ I miss my kitty Kitten. :( Looking at pictures makes me sad and I wish I could have him with me but it's just not practical. He's spent the majority of his 6 years, living in a village where he can openly lie in the middle of our street. Since moving out of my Dad's, this house now is just off from a main link road so it's not worth risking having him with me, since he's such an outdoors cat. I miss him though. :(

♥ Lastly, the riots. I'm sure everyone's heard enough about them to last a lifetime. I hope all my readers and their families are all safe. What is the world coming to? 2012 anyone? Please let it be the end soon. I'm just thankfully for living in a little town no one really knows about right now.

Sorry that was such a long update, I feel like I haven't posted anything substantial in a while. Makeup posts soon!

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