Let Me Have My Moment.

'Congratulations! You've Been Named a Top 100 Beauty Blogger!'

I am not usually a fan of top blogger lists because of the way they're voted on, so imagine my surprise when SoFeminine.co.uk literally, just this second dropped an email in my inbox. Telling me I had made the list.

Little old me?

'Congratulations on making the list!'


I seriously can't believe it! I may only be 80 but that's good enough for me.

Congrats to the other beauties that made the list!

They've personally filled 90 spaces of the top 100 and they want you to recommend your favourite beauty reads to fill up the rest of the gaps!

You can do so by clicking here.

Thank you to all my followers for sticking by this blog even though my posting can be extremely sporadic.

On a minor side note, I deleted my Twitter. And made a protected new one. @bickyb_ So go follow me so I can tweet at you!

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