Sleek Saturday.

Liloo over at Le Petit Jardin De Liloo has started a new weekly feature on her blog called 'Sleek Saturday'. 

'The idea behind Sleek Saturday is to forget whatever grudge you have with the brand encourage myself and whoever who would like to join me, to play with these Sleek products you have in the cupboard and which you don't reach out very often'.

I only have 3 Sleek palettes, Graphite, Circus (which I hate) and Sunset. The latter is my favourite so I decided to go with that.

Prior to this look I had tried 3, yes three, other looks over the course of 2 days.

I still don't like this one but it's too late now!

I used these shadows;

1 - inner corner.
2 - all over lid and slight highlight.
3 - crease.
4 - outer V.
5 - mixed with Evil Shades foiling liquid to make a liner.
6 - lower lashline.

All finished off with a Dazzleglass Creme from M.A.C in My Favourite Pink.

I planned this in my head and it came out much poorer than expected. The colours I chose, look a lot different in the pan but when blended together they all looked way too similar.

Plus my camera was making the colours look a lot more burnt then they were in real life.

I'm glad I managed to use some colours that I've not touched before, like the colour I used for the liner. But I didn't like this look so it's inspired me to try something different with the palette.

This and this are still my favourite looks to date with the Sunset palette.

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