Tuesday's Outing.

So on Tuesday my Mumma took me on the train to Plymouth. As I didn't have any money really she paid for me till I get paid.

It was loveeeely, so I though I'd do a little photo blog.

I expect this to be quite picture heavy so if you want to check it out, read on after the jump.

I had to start the day with a breakfast made for Rockstars as I was up at 6:45 after barely sleeping. To catch a super early train.

Stomp, stomp I've arrived.

First stop was Starbucks, I didn't want to do anything till I'd had one.

Mumma even treated me to a red velvet whoopie pie (first one ever) and mints that I've now become addicted to.

The stupid barista messed up what I wanted. I asked for a caramel cream frap, not a coffee one. I took a sip and was like ICK. So I got them to make me a new one.

Much better. A grande lasted me a good hour.

Quickly popped into M.A.C, just to get a face powder with the last of my pennies.

Sexy Carvela shoes. Mmm.

Ran into a lady with an 8 week puppy. Can we say CUTE?!

After walking along the Hoe and Barbican we hit up Spoonies for lunch, with an entire pitcher of Sex On The Beach all for moi. I didn't feel any affects what so ever though. :(

Amazing cake in a cute little shop along the Barbican. I love the sign. ;)

The whole reason we went was to go to the Aquarium. I ended up pushing my Mum in a wheelchair. Deliberately not doing it in a straight line and letting her run down the slopes and having to run after her to catch up. ;)

Just a few phone pictures, they aren't that great but you can't use flash photography. And I much prefer using it on my phone.

They have two massive tanks with sharks and stingrays but they came out far too blue. Plus the stingers wouldn't keep still long enough to get a good photo. :(

Then I went to meet Matt and my BFF Adam. He's probably gonna kill me for not knowing I was taking photos on my phone but whatever.

We laid in the grass and were talking for ages. Then left Matt and walked me back to the train station to get the last train home. Boo. :( I didn't see him for long but it was nice all the same.

What I came back with.

Starbucks mints that I'm addicted to.

Mum treated me to a Nightmare Before Christmas keyring from the Disney store as she knew I wanted one before we got there. :)

I spent the last of my pennies on a MSF Natural in Light as I haven't had a setting powder for ages. I thought minerals may be better for my skin than Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

And then a random wooden dice that Adam made at work and didn't want. :)

It was such an amazing but tiring day. My legs are paying for it now though. We walked so so much.

But I hope to go back ASAP with some money to go shopping.

Have you taken any trips anywhere recently?

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