We Are The Children Of The Night.

♥ I went to see The Inbetweeners a few days ago, and if you haven't seen it you really should. I thought the TV series kind of went down hill but the movie - spot on. I've never laughed so much at a film in my life. Brilliant stuff.

♥ That middle photo is a picture of the clocking in machine at work ... It's 24 hours time ... I'm still not at all used to these early mornings but it's seriously wonderful having the daytimes off. Once I get my sleeping back on track, I will have more time to settle down and blog with any luck. :)

I was just thinking it's Saturday though ... I'm not used to having Fridays off. So I seem to think everything is a day in front when it isn't. I've been like this for two weeks now. :/

♥ I was under the impression it was August. I was awoken yesterday afternoon by the delightful noise of a thunderstorm. I hate them, I cannot express my hatred for them. Today it is torrential raining. What is going on?

♥ I miss The Blackout. I'm currently sat in my room, headphones in, rocking to the set list they played when I went to see them (hence the title). They're playing Bristol in October with We Are The Ocean. I want to go and see them again and since I don't work Thursday nights any more I might just be able to. (Y)

♥ The cats have been doing funny things (like chomping on breadsticks) when I haven't got my phone with me. Typical. But the Little Puss climbed into a freshly washed salad box that was sitting on the oven and let me rest the lid on top. She wasn't bothered by it, she rather liked it. Funny girl. :)

♥ Have you been watching The X Factor? I've got to say, I only watch it for the auditions. I like seeing people making a fool out of themselves.

This isn't much of an update but I wanted to put something up before I make a new post over the weekend.

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The Blackout - Children Of The Night.