Holo Tips.

I decided I wanted something different on my nails a few days ago. As I seem to have misplaced my Konad set when moving, my only option was free hand.

I was going to go with cocktail stick polka dots but honestly, I just showered and I really couldn't be bothered. :P

So I opted for free handed tips.

Flash and no topcoat:


Outside in sun with a topcoat:

I used a base of China Glaze IDK. Then for the tips I used China Glaze LOL, 2 coats of each and finished with China Glaze Fast Forward.

This would be an awesome mani to rock during the Summer months.

I wish I was more interested in nail polish when CG released the OMG collection because these holos are the most beautiful I've seen. I was hoping the Tron collection was like this but they weren't even close.

I love this combination so much I don't want to take it off!

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