Shattered Tea.

Is it just me that's bored of the nail shatter trend?

Every brand is bringing out a range of crackles/shatters in a range of different colours. Which is great, it means there's something for everyone in any colour they fancy and it caters for all price ranges.

But it did kind of bore me. Well ... Black shatter that is. It's kind of stark and I don't like wearing it much but I picked up something whilst I popped into Sally's (for topcoat and remover) that has rekindled my love for shatters.

O.P.I Silver Shatter over Eyeko's Tea Rose:

Isn't it pretty?

It's not as stark as black and I love the high metallic shine of it. You could skip a top coat where as the black dries matte and can flake off without one/

I am much preferring silver and I recently saw that Barry M are releasing a gold and a silver crackle!

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