Gel Nails.

I've had quite a few questions about my nails since I've been posting swatches so I thought I'd do a post about them.

My nails aren't currently my own. I don't get a lot of calcium because I don't like milk so I find my nails peel and break off rather quickly.

I've had gels put on recently and last week I decided to opt for natural tips rather than white, as I'm finding I have them painted most of the time anyway.

From a regular distance you can't see my nail tip underneath the fake tip.

Here's a closer look:

When I get infills next, Beccy will be filing into my natural nails on most of them.

I had acrylics so many times before I invested in gels and I hated them. They barely lasted a week because acrylics aren't cured under a UV light, they set on their own. You have to work quickly and every time I had them I just found I had a ton of air bubbles. They didn't look at all nice. :(

So what are the pros and cons of gel nails?

These are my personal pros and cons.

♡ They look more glossy and natural.
♡ They last longer and lift rather than crack (like acrylics).
♡ They gel is odourless.
♡ I don't have to worry about staining my nails by not using a base coat.
♡ Nail polish doesn't chip.
♡ They make my nails stronger.
♡ The gel is self levelling.

They can take longer to do because of the curing under the UV light.

I honestly can't think of any other bad points!

I love them and will be getting a gel overlay on my natural nails to strengthen them when the fake tips grow off.

I know nail bloggers generally hate fake nails but I really have tried everything and nail strengtheners seem to give up after a while. This is the only way I can have nails.