Graze Box #1.

I'm sure you've all heard of Graze, right?

I used to Graze back at the start of '10 but I stopped because I wasn't eating the punnets quick enough and they were either going dry or out of date

I've decided to give it another go so I can snack on something healthier.

Want to try your first box free and get a second half price? You don't even have to stay signed up after the free box!

Click here and use the code LMJJNZ2.

It gets delivered on the day you choose, straight through your letter box.

Here's what I got this week:

Smoked paprika, garlic & thyme rustic marble bread (116 kcal per punnet)
Graze suggest you eat this on the day it arrives as they bake it fresh each morning. I don't recall every trying paprika really but this is delicious.
I'm not a massive fan of bread unless it's super fresh and the olive oil that's added in this stops it from being too try.
It's got a tomato paste added to it so it gives it a Spanish taste. All topped off with black and white poppy seeds, yummy!

Banana Split (banana coins, cashews nuts & milk chocolate covered puffed rice) (174 kcal p/p)
I don't eat bananas as such but I remember when I was much younger I used to eat dried banana. It used to be super crisp and crunchy but it seems you can't buy it like that, they all seem to be really moist and I don't like them like that. I ate one and got rid of the rest.
The cashews were ok. A bit plain but when mixed with the puffed rice they were bearable.
And then the chocolate coated puffed rice. Yummys! Definitely the best bit of the punnet, they saved this punnet for me. Else I would have hated it.

Tomato dipinetti (rosemary grissinetti and tomato chutney) (77 kcal p/p)
I love this combination! The vinegar in the chutney is really evident but it tastes really good together.

Apple & cinnamon flapjack (240 kcal p/p)
 A gorgeously sweet treat with chewy pieces of apple. I love flapjack and this was one of the things I was most excited for as the last time I got a Graze box, they didn't have these (or the dips or bread)! Really good for when you get a sweet craving and the apple and cinnamon work so well together!

Box rating - 16/20.

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