Graze Box #2.

Last week I got my second Graze box.

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Here's what I got this week:

The Herb Garden (oregano rice crackers, baked herb bites and herb and onion peanuts) (78 kcal per punnet)
Crispy peanuts are ... Interesting to say the least. Can't say I'm a fan. The only thing I really liked from this punnet was the baked herb bites.

Honeycomb flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and milk chocolate) (243 kcal p/p)
Amazing! One of my favourite combinations ever all topped off in a flapjack. Love it.

Toffee apple (sticky toffee sauce with Granny Smith apple slices) (64 kcal p/p)
I can't get over te lack of calories in this. I know it's mainly apple and you don't get much sauce but wow. The sticky toffee makes it. I wouldn't like the apple on it's own but with the burnt sugar sauce it is amazing!

Himalayas & Beyond (goji berries, macadamias and pinapple pieces) (131 kcal p/p)
I love the pineapple. Chewy but still remains it's flavour. I wasn't a big fan of macadamias before this and I'm still not entirely sure. They're ok. i can't currently decide if I like the goji berries though. I'm eating them as I write and they remind me of some kind of shrivelled up grape (which I don't like). I think this punnet will be a no go for me in future.

Box Rating - 14/20.

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