It's Christmas!

Well not quite, I give people the stare when they mention it around me. You grow to hate Christmas when you've worked in retail for 6 years and it starts as soon as the kids go back to school in September.

But it's Christmas time at Lush! That I don't mind!

I didn't stop off at Lush in Cardiff. I had enough to carry home, I didn't need a big bag of Lush weighing me down so I stopped off at Exeter on the way home, when I treated my parents to dinner out. :)

I've been meaning to see if I liked the Dirty shower gel since I love the spray. Very refreshing and minty and as Lush hadn't had the 500ml of Snow Fairy in yet, I picked this up instead.

I didn't go to crazy with the other Christmas bits, I shall save that for closer to the end of the year.

Magic Wand with the scent of Snow Fairy so I had to have it and it looks cute, doesn't it?
Candy Mountain bubble bar, same as the Candy Cane from last year, just a different shape.
Cinders ballistic. My favourite thing ever and it's only £1.95, hence stocking up on 3 of them!
Northern Lights soap. How could I resist this?! Look at it! It looks like radioactive toxic waste!
Candy Cane soap. Sweet and minty and very reminiscent of actual candy canes.

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