Quick Tips: Get Rid Of Icky Lush Bits.

I do love Lush but some of the things they put in their products, well ... I'd rather not have them floating around a bath.

I actually went onto the site (which is currently not working) to check this is a Big Blue Ballistic like I thought, it is, just really old. So it's chock full of seaweed - ew.

I noticed a helpful point in the second review that said to put the Ballistic in an organza bag to filter it all out.

Charlie also suggested an old tight foot or stocking would also work the same!

It just so happens that I had an organza bag that I didn't know what to do with. It had all my Illamaqua Freak bits in ...

So far so good ...

Did it work completely?

Yes! Look at all that icky seaweed all collected in the bag.

Leaving me with bit free water.

A quick tip to get rid of any unwanted bits!

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