What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger, Stand A Little Taller.

♥ If you've missed me moaning on Twitter, I am currently suffering with some serious laryngitis. My word it is painful. I can barely swallow my own saliva, let alone drink or eat but I'm forcing fluids in me no matter the pain. Right now it's not getting any better and I can't talk at all so that really isn't great. Even if I tried, it can damage my vocal chords and prolong healing. :( My Mother thinks she's so hilarious expecting me to shout back to her and taking the pee when I whisper. I've just been sleeping as much as possible so I'm not awake and aware of the pain.

♥ I recently came across an app that is just like Instagam, only for Droid! Mytubo.net which I used to take these photos with. It's such a nice little app and it's also free. If you get it, do follow me (vanillafairy).

♥ Right before I got ill I came across a cute little shop in town, Smooth Bar. It's like a Shakeaway and FroYo hybrid. Although right now, they only have good toppings for their 100% fat free yoghurt. I opted for a Bounty milkshake to finish with. Apparently the shop's been there since New Year but I have failed to notice it. Shows how much I go to town, doesn't it? They do all the kinds of things Shakeaway do though, fruit shakes, chocolate ones. Literally everything. I shall definitely being going back again!

♥ I hope you've all enjoyed my Halloween theme on the blog, I know I have. But I shall be switching it up with something new on Tuesday.

♥ I feel bad for the lack of posting this last week too. I have never been so ill in my life (not an exaggeration) so I haven't really been doing a lot besides Tumblr and watching TV shows online. I'm still not 100% but hopefully I will be soon.

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