Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

I don't doubt that you're going to end up seeing a few of these posts but they are too amazing to not showcase.

Plus, I got to quote one of my most favourite childhood movies too. ;)

Models Own have been bigging up the Beetlejuice collection on their Facebook page for what seems like ever. When I saw them I knew I had to have them. Um, hello, I need anything with a slight duochrome!

I slept for only a couple of hours before I awoke to the alarm alerting me to hurry up and get my butt on the laptop. I watched the counter tick down to 0:00:00:00 and the page refreshed (I sneakily added the other two bits before hand) and swiftly added each nail polish to my cart and checked out.

I have to say Models Own were working like troopers on Tuesday. The servers (for me) were slow but I was able to get on. I had nightmares of a Sleek sale all over again.

I ordered these at just after 10AM and I had a shipping email at 10:42. That's not even an hour. Amazing, no?

Let's start off with the two other things I purchased:

Black eye kohl pencil that you get free with your first online order and the Wah Nails nail art pen! Been after it for quite a while now.

Onto the polishes ...

With flash/without:

Models Own's BEETLEJUICE collection consists of five multi-tonal shades. Each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade for an optimum high finish. Inspired by the beautiful wings of a beetle, this collection mimics the complex colour-shifting with flashes of vivid tones and ethereal hues giving a shimmering duo chrome finish.

Aqua Violet, a true sky shimmer; Pinky Brown, a warm rusty pink; Golden Green, a fresh energetic acid; Purple Blue, a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo; and Emerald Black, a bold blackened midnight peacock.

Let me start off by saying this, pictures do not do these polishes justice. At all. I tried to capture them on my Canon but my hands were too shaky (not feeling the best today) so I opted on using my phone.

Although the flash bleaches out the duochrome, I've included a natural lit photo, even though it is super overcast and grey today and one with the flash.

Let's have a look at these beauties!

Aqua Violet is a gorgeous mid tone blue, with a super strong deep purple duochrome. It also has slight flashes of green and deep pink in with it. I think this is one of the stronger duos of the collection.

Emerald Black was the one I was least looking forward to but it was cheaper for me to make up the set by buying them all. I didn't see too much hype over this but it's the most gorgeous deep blackened blue/green. You can see how it also shimmers blue in the first photo. Such a gorgeous colour it just seems to glow from within.

Golden Green just screams Chanel Peridot to me. Dirty gold which flashes brighter, more yellow gold and a strong green duochrome. Just by looking at this alone, I would say it's a dupe and a quarter of the price too. I'm glad I held out on buying Peridot now.

Pinky Brown is a beautiful, deep, warm pink with just a hint of purple and a rusty golden brown duochrome. This reminds me slightly of M.A.C's Bad Fairy. But I was browsing Accesorize earlier and this looks exactly the same as Pink Spice from their makeup range on first inspection but Pink Spice lacks the deep purple. It has the same glittery texture too.

Purple Blue reminded me of something from the Orly Space FX collection but looking at swatches there's quite a big difference. This a deep blue that has a really strong purple, pink and gold duochrome. Also another of the stronger ones of the collection.

 Jeez, that was an essay of a haul. I won't apologise because they are too amazing to resist posting hundreds of photos.

Did you pick any up? Which are your favourites?

Remember girlies, these aren't limited edition.

I will be swatching in due course but it may take me a while. My false tips have grown off all my nails (bar the middles, they always seem to break) but I'm still having a gel overlay and polishes last over a week with no chipping. I can see me putting these colours on and not wanting to take them off.

I will post as and when I wear them.

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