Get To Know Me.

I love reading these kinds of tag posts but I haven't seen any going around recently till I saw Ronnie (Bows & Curtseys) post this so I had to steal it!

Vital Statistics:

-Name: Actual name? No comment but if you know it that's cool. ;)

-Nicknames: Bicky, Bick, B, Oi You!

-Birthday: January 05 1989.

-Place of Birth: I was born in the same town I live in still *sigh*, North Devon.

-Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and a lot of the qualities seem pretty accurate.

-Male or female: I was female last time I checked.

-Occupation: Personal shopper.


-Hair colour: It's naturally very dark brown but I dye it black.

-Hair length: It's shoulder length now but I'm getting it cut again when I get paid.

-Eye colour: Super dark brown, sometimes they look black.

-Best feature: I think my eyes and I get the most compliments on them.

-Height: 5'3". I'm pretty tiny compared to everyone else I know.

-Braces: I had both kinds when I was in high school. I hated them but they've done wonders for my teeth.

-Tattoos: I have a fair amount of them but not enough! Everyone always asks to see them, I'll get round to a post one day. I have numerous stars, I'll like them and what! Random little thing I drew on the side of my hand (picture above). Dead swallows that were drawn for me on my feet and some rubbish writing on my wrist that needs covering up.  just can't decide what with.

-Piercings: I've had so many in my time that I've honestly lost count. I only have my tongue and a 12mm stretch in my ear left.

-Glasses: I wore glasses for pretty much my entire childhood and had to have numerous eye operations because I couldn't see. I cringe at glasses I used to have. I think I need them again though because my sight is honestly terrible.

-Righty or lefty: After breaking my arm, I had to learn to use my left for a year and a half but since I barely write any more it's dwindled to a scrawl so, right.

Your 'Firsts':

-First best friend: I got moved schools when I was in Year 2 and the first friend I made was a boy named Ben. We ended walking to school every single morning through primary. As he was a year above me it didn't really last through secondary.

-First award: I think probably something when I was taking swimming lessons.

-First sport you joined: Swimming/netball. I hated the latter, I've no idea what possessed me to choose it.

-First real vacation: I always used to be taken to Cornwall and various places around the UK when I was a child. I first ventured out of the country when I was 15 to France. I can't remember but it was quiet and very picturesque.

-First concert: My Dad took me to see Good Charlotte when I was 15 and it was seriously the best. I got to catch a glimpse of them before hand and the gig was just totally amazing. I still love them now.


-Movie: I love the Saws! No one understands why but they are disgustingly lovely. Despicable Me (so glad they're making a second one!), The Nightmare Before Christmas.

-TV show: I never watch TV shows actually on the TV. Strange, I know. Family Guy is my all time favourite. Then I find myself watching Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Celebrity Juice.

-Colours: Bright blue, pink and red.

-Song: I honestly couldn't choose! No way. I love too many of them.

-Candy: Dairy Milk (although it's not candy!), Reese's Pieces. I can't think of much else.

-Store: Any department store with a M.A.C, Lush.

-Book: True Blood set, Coraline.
-Magazine: Vogue.

-Shoes: I have so many of them but my Jeffrey Campbell boots or this years Winter boots.


-Feeling: Sleepy but productive.

-Single or taken: Half single. ;)

-Eating: Nothing.

-Listening to: Demi Lovato's Unbroken album. Love it so much.

-Thinking about: Christmas presents and plans to see my boys.

-Wanting: Payday. :( So I can get more than half a months wages.

-Watching: Nothing!

-Wearing: Sweats and a tshirt (jammies).


-Want children: I really don't know! Sometimes I think yes but the brats at work put me off so much.

-Want to be married: I believe so.

-Careers in mind: Anything to do with makeup. I would love to work at Lush too. I'd come home smelling amazing.

-Where do you want to live: In the middle of nowhere, in a nice big house.

Do You Believe In:

-God: Nope.

-Miracles: Maybe.

-Love at first sight: With 'things' not people.

-Ghosts: Not really.

-Aliens: Nope.

-Soul mates: If there's one for me, someone bring them to me. Otherwise nope!

-Heaven: No.

-Hell: No.

-Kissing on the first date: Sure!

-Yourself: Most of the time.