Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar.

I'm dreaming of a white Lush Christmas ...

If there's one thing Lush do amazingly, it has to be their Christmas range. I am rather partial to Snow Fairy so when I know the Christmas things are coming out, I get super excited.

I couldn't pass up this cute little wand!

What says:
A reusable bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam.

This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bath.

The magic of this version is that you can wave your wand under the water until you have the amount of bubbles you want – then you just stash it somewhere safe to dry off, ready for when you next bath.

We’ve included pink ribbon and a bell, because if you are going to wave your wand, then you need some added drama and special effects!

You should get several baths from this, depending on how much bubbly magic you want in your bath. Each one will leave you smelling of candy floss and pear drops. Baths don’t get more yummy or more girly than this.

It's a bubble bar on a stick! But with the regular bubble bars they are softer, making them easier to crumble. This is slightly harder so you can swish it around in the bath. I felt like such a fairy swishing it around, magical.

It creates wonderful baby pink coloured water. Maybe it's because it's not a 'normal' bubble bar but I wasn't expecting a ton of bubbles from this. I don't think I used enough but it created plenty. The scent was just lacking slightly for me.

I think I need to try it again with more swishing next time and edit this post accordingly.

It's a lovely product, slightly novelty for some but really nice non the less.

I can see myself getting a good 5 or more uses out of this. After using I popped it back into the clear plastic bag (I store all my Lush in sammich bags) and it looks almost brand new still.

What are your favourite Christmas scents (from any brand)? I'm definetly a fan of the more fruity, sweeter ones over the wood type scents.

I also changed up my blog to suit the season so if you're viewing this on Google Reader, please do click through and have a little looksie!

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