Models Own - Beetlejuice Purple Blue.

Ahhhh. Another Beetlejuice polish for you, this time it's Purple Blue.

Models Own say this is a vibrant punch of indigo fuchsia. Out of the entire collection, this has to be the one with the most dramatic duochrome. All the others are quite similar in pairing (green/gold, blue/purple, black/dark green, gold/pink), but this looks two totally different colours on the nail.

Here it is with two coats:

Isn't that purpley pink duochrome strong? This looks to be the strongest of the collection as I didn't have any trouble photographing it in it's true form.

It also has very finely milled glitter which lifts the polish and gives it something extra. The colour reminds me of M.A.C's Glitter Reflects in Transparent Teal. They're almost clear flecks but they shine bright blue when the light hits and these are similiar in colouring. Bright blue but they also dazzle pink.

In very dull or overly bright strip lighting, it looks a pretty boring brown with a touch of purple and some blue glitter. Take it away into some proper daylight and it just comes alive!

Unexpectedly, this is my favourite so far. Again, the formula was a tad thin on first coat but it fixed itself on the second.

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