My Movember Contribution & A Wishlist.

All grown myself ...


Alright, not really. This was sent to me ages ago by my beautiful bestie and I've finally found a use for it.

Do you love it?

FOTD is here.

I've not really updated this week. I had some issues at work which I've been worrying about for the last month. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen the tail end of them.

They finally sorted themselves out and I kept my job. I went in with my mind set on the worst, that way I wouldn't be shocked by the outcome but thankfully it never came.

I'm still poor as anything for a fortnight, till I get reimbursed next pay day.

After the stress of the last month and what it's done to my skin, I'm feeling a little treat purchase coming on after Christmas. As a hitting work targets/still having a job/Christmas/birthday present.

Current lemmings:

I'm more drawn to the camera than anything else and I know it'll be a worth investment.

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