Want The Look Update.

Since my last post I'd heard nothing back from WTL.

I decided to keep a little log of things for future reference and to help you understand why I'd advice against using them.

Friday December 16 12.31PM:

Once again I have to call them up to question them on the whereabouts of my parcel.

They still don't know and aren't getting anything from Royal Mail Business Support.

It doesn't look like I'll be getting this order any time soon. And it's looks as though they're doing everything to not give me a straight up refund and dodge around the subject.

Friday December 16 1.01PM:

I get a call back from the girl who's been trying to sort it out for, informing me that she's tracked it down and she assured me it's definitely being redelivered this afternoon. To the right address.

Let's see how this pans out.

Friday December 16 evening:

Why am I not surprised? Not a single show from Royal Mail. I understand that it's a busy period but this is a joke.

Friday December 16 Really, really late evening:

It finally shows up at gone 8PM. If that's classed as afternoon ...

Am I happy with the products? Of course but that isn't down to the company.

Would I recommend using WTL? Most certainly not. 2 weeks later and my parcel shows up after paying for 2 day delivery. Absolutely disgusting service since I was never offered any kind of refund on the shipping charge.

I understand that Royal Mail is half to blame here but the fact I was having to call premium numbers most days to find out where it was, has in fact made this product more expensive than what I originally thought.

Next time I will be buying my Bed Head directly from the hair dressers. Or from Look Fantastic/Feel Unique. Both websites of which I've never had a problem. I'll gladly pay that little bit extra for a product and get brilliant customer service from it.

This was my first experience with something going missing and it stressed me out. Which people failed to understand. My money was taken but I was left without any products to show for it. How would that make you feel? 

I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to me again any time soon. Fingers crossed.

I really hope these last couple of posts have helped some of you, even if it's just a few I'll be happy, to not make the same mistake I did.

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