Want The Look(.com)? Hell No I Don't!

I wasn't planning on coming back just yet but I feel I need to let my followers know my experience with http://wantthelook.com.

2 weeks ago I had my hair cut off mega short. Click to see. My lovely hairdresser used the new TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixation Mega Whip Marshmallow. It smells divine and I would have bought it from the hairdressers then, only it was sold out as it's been super popular.

I then took to Twitter to ask for places I could find Bed Head at a cheaper price, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic etc. Someone suggest Want The Look to me. As it was cheapest there, I popped a hair spray from the same range in my basket too and checked out.

Knowing I needed it pronto, I opted for 2 day tracked delivery.

Order placed - December 3.
Estimated delivery - December 6.

I opened up a PayPal dispute as I'd had no dispatch email and heard no replies from emails.

So I waited as patiently as I could. And I waited. Wednesday (December 7) rolled around and still nothing so I called them up with every intention of cancelling my order. Why I let them talk me into keeping it, I don't know.

They informed me that they let me order something that was out of stock, hence the no dispatch yet but failed to tell me and let me pay for premium delivery anyway. They told me they'd just got the Mega Whip in so did I still want it?

I quickly mulled over the fact I would have to wait for a refund, order somewhere else and wait again for it to be delivered so went ahead and said yes I did want it. But they were still charging me the premium delivery fee. I personally think as a good gesture of not informing me my parcel wasn't being dispatched, I shouldn't have had to pay this.

Order dispatched - December 7.
Estimated delivery - December 9.

So I closed the PayPal dispute as it was finally being dispatched, I was actually going to get it this time!

My Mum was home all morning Friday and then I came home and waited in all day. Someone was at that house all day.

Still nothing.

Monday (December 12) rolls around and I call them again, to question them on the whereabouts of my order. They inform me Royal Mail tried to deliver it on Friday.

Like I said, I was at home all of Friday. There was no card left so I was unable to pick it up. If it wasn't able to be delivered, why was no card left?

So they gave me the tracking number as I hadn't received it and I initially rang up the Royal Mail to arrange a redeliver. I soon gave up when the service was just taking me through at least 11 automated menus and I still wasn't getting anywhere.

So I went online and did it that way.

Screenshot of the email:

I changed the delivery address (which you're allowed to do) as I was at my Dad's house this week.

Estimated delivery - December 14.

So he waited in till I got home from work. I waited and waited. Still nothing, so once again I called them up.

I was informed it had been attempted to delivery to 46 (original house number) street name (of the second email). A mixture of both addresses?!

But no one was in so it was once again at the sorting office and I was without a card. The girl I spoke to called Royal Mail customer service to ask what I should do as I didn't want to wait another 3 days for a redeliver.

She called me back and told me to go down to my sorting office with ID and I should have no problems getting it as it should be there.

Off I went and explained the entire cock up that they've made. I waited and I waited and I fricking waited for the woman to look for my parcel.

She then informed me it hadn't been bought back.

But it wasn't delivered, so where the eff is it? Out I stormed, came home, slept, worked.

In the middle of my split shift today I called up the girl and told her what had happened yesterday. She asked me where it was?! Because I would know, right? I'm just doing this for shits and giggles really.

She was extremely short with me and told me she'd ring the customer service once again to see what to do. She never said she was going to call me back or make any form of contact to get back in touch with me.

So I was left feeling thoroughly annoyed.

I finished work at 6 and came home to call them once again, only to find they shut up offices at 5. Wonderful.

I tried to open a dispute on PayPal but alas, as I've already done it, it's not letting me do another one.

I tried calling their customer service, only to be speaking to a robot the entire time and finding noway to speak to an actual person.

This is getting beyond a joke now. 

December 3 I ordered on 2 day delivery, it's now December 15 and still nothing.

I am disgusted by the lack of service from WTL. I'm having to call them to find out anything about this and I honestly have a feeling I will never see this parcel or my money back.

I'm now over £20 down and empty handed.

I honestly have no idea what to do now. It feels like I'm bashing my head against a wall.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? How did it sort itself out?

Did you manage to get your parcel/refund in the end?

I'm half tempted to just give up and forget about it but that's just too easy, isn't it?

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