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That One Product You Just Love To Hate!

We're all beauty bloggers here, so I'm going to take a wild guess that there's at least one product in your stash that you love to hate. Amiright?

With the amount of things we buy, there's got to be something that looks wonderful but just doesn't do it for us.

This is mine, O.P.I's Sand In My Suit (2 coats):

It's beautiful isn't it? Definitely a mannequin hands-esque polish.

This was my very first dip into the world of O.P.I's and it was one of the first polishes I was drawn to long before I was actually blogging myself, just reading instead.

So what makes me hate it?

The formula. This put me off buying any others for well over a year. It's super thick (lawd knows why I haven't thinned it out), I mean really thick. To the point where the ball bearing doesn't move at all. The brush gets all messed up and it took forever to dry even with Seche Vite on top.

Because it was so thick the slightest knock on the side would leave a nice big gouge in my nail. It would make more sense to just remove that nail and repaint it, no? But I used to get frustrated and take the whole lot off because it usually happens on at least 2 or 3 nails.

I'm currently sitting with it over the gel overlay I currently have on my nails and so far, so good. Look at me, I've probably jinxed it.

I still hate the formula and barely wear it because of this but it's such a nice colour. I think I'm going to have a try at thinning it and if it doesn't work, I won't be too hurt over it. I don't often wear a nude nail.

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Graze Box #3.

I've been meaning to post this box for ages, bit late. Oops!

Want to try your first box free and get a second half price?

You don't even have to stay signed up after the free box! Click here and use the code LMJJNZ2.

Fruity Ploughmans (bramley apple and pear chutney with roasted poppy seed flatbread) (90 kcals per punnet)
I love these dipper punnets and they're bringing new ones out soon. I was unsure of this when I got it. Pear and apple chutney? I don't like pears but its not too sweet, just the right amount of tang to go with the flatbreads, which I love. I love anything covered in seeds though.

Fruity Sundae (strawberries, pineapple and cherry sultanas)
I hate sultanas and raisins. I can eat white grapes by the truck load, I've been trying to eat them when I get them sent to me but I just can't. The strawberries and pineapple however, bit of an odd combination but tasty non the less.

Chedder Gorge (cheese cashews, baked herb bites and salsa corn sticks)
Cheese cashews are ... Odd to say the least. I wasn't a fan. Loved the rest of it, made a change to have something savoury. But the cheesy cashews were a definite no from me.

Golden Honey Nut Cashews (196 kcals p/p)
Loveeeee! Definitely one for when you're craving something sweet. Delightful crunchy. Not usually a fan of entire punnets of nuts but this was yummy but they were far too sweet for me to finish them all.

I just noticed they've stopped doing these though. How annoying. :(

Box rating: 16/20.

I've been a bit too poor to be getting them weekly. I miss my Tuesday delivery but hopefully that will change soon.


Glossybox - November.

There's been a lot of talk in the beauty community recently about beauty boxes. They seem to be popping up a fair bit now so they're nothing new.

I've only experienced Glossybox. I had the last two months prior to this (the one with the HD Brows and the one with the Leighton Denny polish).

I think the idea is good in some aspects. You get to try new things, maybe things you'd not heard of before or things that were too expensive to buy in case you didn't like.

Though I do think it's sometimes hit and miss. I'd heard today through the grapevine that is Twitter, that people had been demanding refunds for this months Glossybox because there weren't any full size products (excluding the nail wraps).

May I just remind you what you signed up for ...

'Receive 5 luxury product miniatures from high-end brands every month' ... Maybe I'm reading it wrong but it doesn't say anything about full size products there. Though of course, it is nice to open it up and find something full sized. That's not how Glossybox is being marketed.

Don't expect something full sized every month, that way you won't be disappointed.

Any how, enough moaning. Onto this months box*:

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps
I've loved the look of these for a while now but I just don't think I could apply them right. They're like an at home DIY Minx, without the faffing about of a hair dryer.

I'm going to keep these for when I next get my nails done and ask the girl that does my nails to pop them on for me! So I'll post about that when I do.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
I've read so many posts on how amazing this is. Will it live up to the hype? I am eager to see what results this will have on my hair but it claims to be super moisturising and to give bounce and shine.

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Cream
A minty, non greasy cream which hydrates rough, dry skin and soothes, cools and comforts tired feet. Sounds just like what I need after I've been on my feet all day at work.

I just tried it and smells lovely and sinks in extremely quickly. I can't usually use foot creams as they are too greasy and have to be rubbed in for ages. I'm that tickilish, I can barely touch my feet so this is definitely a winner.

Illamasqua Freak EDP
I already posted about this here. I love it and this is a great way to try it if you can't get to an Illamasqua counter. My closest is almost 5 hours on the train ...

Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash
A special blend of all natural ingredients to cleanse the skin and fight off bacteria for a deep, invigorating clean.

This feels quite mousse like in texture, I'm used to cream cleansers so that was a bit weird. It's very light though. I'm not a fan of the scent, seems a little old lady like to me but it's left my skin oil free and still feeling hydrated.

Hopefully the bacterial fighting properties will help clear up my skin!

I actually rather like this Glossybox, though I think I might be one of the few that do.


Illamasqua Skin Base (02).

Foundation is a bit of a funny one to review, isn't it? There's so many different coverages and finishes. Which can work well on different peoples skin types.

This is my first foundation review, I believe, so I hope you stick with me and it's not too boring for you.

I should probably also start off by saying my skin is combination. I get super dry patches but I also get an oily t-zone. I am an NW15 in M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid but it's not quite pale enough. I also recently purchased the new Matchmaster foundation which they've made a paler shade 1.0, not even that is pale enough.

I like my foundation full coverage, matte, lightweight and breathable. Is that too much that I'm asking for?

When I made my first trip to Cardiff, I was finally able to see Illamasqua foundations in person. Although right before I went I heard a lot mixed things about this, the colouring was perfect so I was sold strictly on that. The SA offered me a sample but I just went and bought the full size.

What www.illamasqua.com says:
Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market.

Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment.

Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage.

According to Illamasqua's foundation matrix this is the correct shade for an NW15. I don't agree with that, although this is perfect colouring for me it's significantly paler than NW15. Skin Base in 02 is the next shade down from pure white.

Let's see it on: 

(I don't edit my skin in Photoshop, just get rid of spots)

This is a favourite of the Pixiwoo sisters and in a recent video Sam made a point of explaining the best way to use this. Stipple it into the skin (I used a M.A.C 187). Then buff it in with either, the same brush or a buffing brush. I used M.A.C's 109, it sheds like you wouldn't believe but I personally found it easier than using my 187.

Am I loving this? In a word, yes!

Unlike M.A.C's Studio Fix, which can sometimes feel extremely heavy and like my skin is being suffocated. It's lightweight but has plenty of coverage, a touch more would be perfect but concealer helps with that problem. It also doesn't oxidise, no matter how long you leave it on for. The colour at the end of the day is the colour you put on to start with.

I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin though. I've seen a couple of reviews where people have mentioned how much it accentuates the dry patches and I have to agree. That would be my only negative though.

I've also began mixing this in with my other slightly too dark foundations to lighten them up.

It's pricey at £25 for 30ml, slightly less for your money than M.A.C (Studio Fix £19.50 30ml/Matchmaster £24.50 35ml) but I am glad I finally got to see the colours in person and purchase something much more suited to my pale complexion.

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Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar.

I'm dreaming of a white Lush Christmas ...

If there's one thing Lush do amazingly, it has to be their Christmas range. I am rather partial to Snow Fairy so when I know the Christmas things are coming out, I get super excited.

I couldn't pass up this cute little wand!

What www.lush.com says:
A reusable bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam.

This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bath.

The magic of this version is that you can wave your wand under the water until you have the amount of bubbles you want – then you just stash it somewhere safe to dry off, ready for when you next bath.

We’ve included pink ribbon and a bell, because if you are going to wave your wand, then you need some added drama and special effects!

You should get several baths from this, depending on how much bubbly magic you want in your bath. Each one will leave you smelling of candy floss and pear drops. Baths don’t get more yummy or more girly than this.

It's a bubble bar on a stick! But with the regular bubble bars they are softer, making them easier to crumble. This is slightly harder so you can swish it around in the bath. I felt like such a fairy swishing it around, magical.

It creates wonderful baby pink coloured water. Maybe it's because it's not a 'normal' bubble bar but I wasn't expecting a ton of bubbles from this. I don't think I used enough but it created plenty. The scent was just lacking slightly for me.

I think I need to try it again with more swishing next time and edit this post accordingly.

It's a lovely product, slightly novelty for some but really nice non the less.

I can see myself getting a good 5 or more uses out of this. After using I popped it back into the clear plastic bag (I store all my Lush in sammich bags) and it looks almost brand new still.

What are your favourite Christmas scents (from any brand)? I'm definetly a fan of the more fruity, sweeter ones over the wood type scents.

I also changed up my blog to suit the season so if you're viewing this on Google Reader, please do click through and have a little looksie!

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Get To Know Me.

I love reading these kinds of tag posts but I haven't seen any going around recently till I saw Ronnie (Bows & Curtseys) post this so I had to steal it!

Vital Statistics:

-Name: Actual name? No comment but if you know it that's cool. ;)

-Nicknames: Bicky, Bick, B, Oi You!

-Birthday: January 05 1989.

-Place of Birth: I was born in the same town I live in still *sigh*, North Devon.

-Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and a lot of the qualities seem pretty accurate.

-Male or female: I was female last time I checked.

-Occupation: Personal shopper.


-Hair colour: It's naturally very dark brown but I dye it black.

-Hair length: It's shoulder length now but I'm getting it cut again when I get paid.

-Eye colour: Super dark brown, sometimes they look black.

-Best feature: I think my eyes and I get the most compliments on them.

-Height: 5'3". I'm pretty tiny compared to everyone else I know.

-Braces: I had both kinds when I was in high school. I hated them but they've done wonders for my teeth.

-Tattoos: I have a fair amount of them but not enough! Everyone always asks to see them, I'll get round to a post one day. I have numerous stars, I'll like them and what! Random little thing I drew on the side of my hand (picture above). Dead swallows that were drawn for me on my feet and some rubbish writing on my wrist that needs covering up.  just can't decide what with.

-Piercings: I've had so many in my time that I've honestly lost count. I only have my tongue and a 12mm stretch in my ear left.

-Glasses: I wore glasses for pretty much my entire childhood and had to have numerous eye operations because I couldn't see. I cringe at glasses I used to have. I think I need them again though because my sight is honestly terrible.

-Righty or lefty: After breaking my arm, I had to learn to use my left for a year and a half but since I barely write any more it's dwindled to a scrawl so, right.

Your 'Firsts':

-First best friend: I got moved schools when I was in Year 2 and the first friend I made was a boy named Ben. We ended walking to school every single morning through primary. As he was a year above me it didn't really last through secondary.

-First award: I think probably something when I was taking swimming lessons.

-First sport you joined: Swimming/netball. I hated the latter, I've no idea what possessed me to choose it.

-First real vacation: I always used to be taken to Cornwall and various places around the UK when I was a child. I first ventured out of the country when I was 15 to France. I can't remember but it was quiet and very picturesque.

-First concert: My Dad took me to see Good Charlotte when I was 15 and it was seriously the best. I got to catch a glimpse of them before hand and the gig was just totally amazing. I still love them now.


-Movie: I love the Saws! No one understands why but they are disgustingly lovely. Despicable Me (so glad they're making a second one!), The Nightmare Before Christmas.

-TV show: I never watch TV shows actually on the TV. Strange, I know. Family Guy is my all time favourite. Then I find myself watching Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Celebrity Juice.

-Colours: Bright blue, pink and red.

-Song: I honestly couldn't choose! No way. I love too many of them.

-Candy: Dairy Milk (although it's not candy!), Reese's Pieces. I can't think of much else.

-Store: Any department store with a M.A.C, Lush.

-Book: True Blood set, Coraline.
-Magazine: Vogue.

-Shoes: I have so many of them but my Jeffrey Campbell boots or this years Winter boots.


-Feeling: Sleepy but productive.

-Single or taken: Half single. ;)

-Eating: Nothing.

-Listening to: Demi Lovato's Unbroken album. Love it so much.

-Thinking about: Christmas presents and plans to see my boys.

-Wanting: Payday. :( So I can get more than half a months wages.

-Watching: Nothing!

-Wearing: Sweats and a tshirt (jammies).


-Want children: I really don't know! Sometimes I think yes but the brats at work put me off so much.

-Want to be married: I believe so.

-Careers in mind: Anything to do with makeup. I would love to work at Lush too. I'd come home smelling amazing.

-Where do you want to live: In the middle of nowhere, in a nice big house.

Do You Believe In:

-God: Nope.

-Miracles: Maybe.

-Love at first sight: With 'things' not people.

-Ghosts: Not really.

-Aliens: Nope.

-Soul mates: If there's one for me, someone bring them to me. Otherwise nope!

-Heaven: No.

-Hell: No.

-Kissing on the first date: Sure!

-Yourself: Most of the time.

My Movember Contribution & A Wishlist.

All grown myself ...


Alright, not really. This was sent to me ages ago by my beautiful bestie and I've finally found a use for it.

Do you love it?

FOTD is here.

I've not really updated this week. I had some issues at work which I've been worrying about for the last month. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen the tail end of them.

They finally sorted themselves out and I kept my job. I went in with my mind set on the worst, that way I wouldn't be shocked by the outcome but thankfully it never came.

I'm still poor as anything for a fortnight, till I get reimbursed next pay day.

After the stress of the last month and what it's done to my skin, I'm feeling a little treat purchase coming on after Christmas. As a hitting work targets/still having a job/Christmas/birthday present.

Current lemmings:

I'm more drawn to the camera than anything else and I know it'll be a worth investment.

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Phosphor Appear Watch.

I've been meaning to do this post for quite some time. But getting a good photo proves difficult. It doesn't truly capture the dazzling glitzy lustre of the Swarovski crystals that cover the entire face.

Check out my lovely little beauty:

Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of watches but I'd been looking for something a bit different and when I saw this video from Leesha (xsparkage), I knew I had to have it.

One might say, love at first sight.

You have to admit though, it's not like anything you've ever seen on a watch face before. Amiright?

I bought mine from Twisted Time, which have amazing customer service (more on that a bit later).

This is what they have to say on how it works:

The new Phosphor Appear (Formally Phosphor Reveal) watch line skillfully blends design and technology to craft the ultimate fashion timepiece.

Driven by Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology, the Phosphor Appear watch utilizes miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski crystals that revolve to reveal numerical or chronological information. With each minute, an electrical pulse generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals on the face of the watch, to elegantly display the passing time, while producing a distinctive sound unique to the Phosphor Appear digital watch line.

The basic ''time'' mode features a 12-hour display, with the hours positioned above the minutes on the face. The watch face also offers a ''seconds'' mode and ''off'' mode, showing an entire face of crystals with no time display.

Pretty neat, huh?

Originally I wanted the white. I've been lusting after white watches ever since I clapped eyes on a Chanel J12. Just like black, they're timeless and match everything. So I ordered the white as a treat to myself and as it was the last one in stock, it was clearly meant to be!

I was so damn excited to get it, it seemed to take forever to get here. When in reality it was 3 days or less. So imagine my horror (remember this is the white I ordered here!) when I opened it up to find an obvious red stain on the strap.

The strap is leather which I'm more than aware of, can often come with minor blemishes but this was quite big and extremely noticeable on such a crisp white background.

I was gutted! So I fired off an email to the shop owner and asked if I could replace it for a red one as I'd bought the last white one. He was completely wonderful about it and as soon as he received my return, sent a red one out straight away.

Now I have the red one, I'm glad I do. I much prefer it over the white as the white had black crystals instead of red on the face and it just looks to me like there's something lacking. The strap on this one has a very subtle shimmer too. It's not obvious but it gives it a little lift.

All in all a wonderful, robust (I've bashed it about so much since buying it in the Summer), quirky watch.

I've had so many compliments from people of all ages. Even male OAPs!

An expensive but worthwhile purchase in my opinion. Do check out Twisted Time if you're looking for a new watch. I guarantee you'll find all sorts of against the norm watches, that will make your wrist a talking point.

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Models Own - Beetlejuice Purple Blue.

Ahhhh. Another Beetlejuice polish for you, this time it's Purple Blue.

Models Own say this is a vibrant punch of indigo fuchsia. Out of the entire collection, this has to be the one with the most dramatic duochrome. All the others are quite similar in pairing (green/gold, blue/purple, black/dark green, gold/pink), but this looks two totally different colours on the nail.

Here it is with two coats:

Isn't that purpley pink duochrome strong? This looks to be the strongest of the collection as I didn't have any trouble photographing it in it's true form.

It also has very finely milled glitter which lifts the polish and gives it something extra. The colour reminds me of M.A.C's Glitter Reflects in Transparent Teal. They're almost clear flecks but they shine bright blue when the light hits and these are similiar in colouring. Bright blue but they also dazzle pink.

In very dull or overly bright strip lighting, it looks a pretty boring brown with a touch of purple and some blue glitter. Take it away into some proper daylight and it just comes alive!

Unexpectedly, this is my favourite so far. Again, the formula was a tad thin on first coat but it fixed itself on the second.

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Inspiration #5.

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Models Own - Beetlejuice Aqua Violet.

How does one photograph a duochrome nail polish? That I'd like to know, I had quite a lot of difficulty capturing the true beauty of this amazing duo.

The first of the Beetlejuice polishes I've tried. 

Here it is with 2 coats:

An amazing coloured blue that turns a deep purple at certain angles. It has occasional flashes of deep green and pink but that was impossible to pick up on camera.

It seems quite watery and thin on the first coat but I also found that with Gold Rush. It fixes itself when you apply the second coat. I found when I had applied the second coat, I had to run the brush over it as lightly as possible as it has a metallic like finish and it helped avoid prominent brush strokes.

I love this polish. It's such a pretty colour.

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Forgotten Favourites #1.

Since we're all beauty bloggers here, I'm sure you, just like me have a ton of products. I love mostly everything I have but something new always comes along and it gets pushed aside whilst I make room for the new lipstick or mascara in my life.

I know a lot of people do 'Project 10 Pan' but I don't buy a lot any more so I don't feel the need to ban myself.

Instead I'm going to pull out old products I've been neglecting of late and start using them more regularly again.

 M.A.C Liquidlast Liner - Blue Herizon.

I bought this on my first trip to a M.A.C counter and was instantly drawn to the brightness of the colour. The formula is an odd one though, I must say. I can't explain it but it's quite tacky.

Here's what M.A.C says:
A rich colour liquid eye liner that combines long-lasting wear with a non-smudge, non-flake precision line. Goes on effortlessly. Applies with its own brush to draw a perfectly defined line. Available in a wide range of classic and trend shades.

Oh M.A.C, why you lie? It doesn't come in the array of colours it did any more. They discontinued all bar Point Black and I really don't understand why. This has an overall 4.7/5 rating on the website.

There is a few issues like it takes a while to try and if you open your lids up too quick and you get that annoying mark on your lid, you all know what I mean, it will not budge! But this eyeliner is amazing, seriously, so good. It does not budge and I have a hard time getting it off at the end of the day.

Such a beautiful colour though. I usually tend to wear this when I want a snazzy eye but really can't be bothered with too much colour. Effortless.

 M.A.C Lipstick - Girl About Town.

I Back-2-M.A.C'd for this back in December now and although it might be a touch to bold for regular daytime wear, I still wear it on occasion.

I love it, it's such a wonderful, long lasting colour that leaves a slight stain behind so your lips stay coloured long after the lipstick leaves your lips. Some people hate that but I personally think it helps hide fading so much.

 Illamasqua Cream Pigment - Delirium.

I received this as part of the Toxic Nature collection and at first, was really underwhelmed with the colour. Illamasqua describe it as a 'rose taupe with a matte finish' and I personally don't find myself levitating towards those colours, let alone wearing them. So it's been sitting in my dressing table unloved ever since.

Only last week, I decided I wanted to try my hand at contouring. I've been too scared to before (hence not having a colour to do so) because I feel it would look odd on such a chubby face.

Non the less I've been using it as a light contour whenever I've one my makeup since and I love it. Hollow would probably be a better suited colour but Josh (Petrilude) always insists on using what you have, so I'm doing just that.

Here they all are on my visage:
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Inspiration #4 {Love Yourself}.

Everyone deserves to feel wonderful about themselves.

Here's a few body positive quotes for you!

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