2011 Book Challenge.

If you have a Tumblr and haven't heard of BeingBelle, get out from under that rock and go and give her a little follow.

She is amazing and goes out of her way to make everyone feel good about themselves. Such a refreshing change to see someone who isn't constantly fighting with others.

She's also started a little book challenge for this year - Being Belle - Book Challenge.

 I've decided to participate in this. I'm not sure if I'll read one book every week but I want to try and read as much as can.

I have Kindle phases. I'll read something really amazing and then I won't touch it for a fortnight or so.

The screen on my Kindle actually ended up breaking on Boxing Day (damn cats!) and I requested a call from Amazon at almost 8 that evening, expecting them to be shut. I was extremely surprised when I got through to an actual person.

A person! Who'd have thought it? They sent me out a replacement and I received it 3 days later. Can we say amazing? All I needed to do was pop my old one in the box and send (at no cost to myself) it back to them.

I was devastated when I switched it on and realised it was broken so it's made me even more determined to read as much as I can.

I've been tucked up in bed since my birthday as I woke up on Friday to be struck down with a horrible cold/flu type thing. Have no idea where it came from. So I've managed to power through quite a few books currently.

Here's how my list is looking currently:

I'm using Listography to keep track of how much I read and how long it takes me.

I will say this now though, The Hunger Games is uhmazing! Literally cannot wait till it hits theatres in March.

It's pegged as the next Twilight. With any luck it'll be as big as that but it's not to be compared and definitely not for young teens. Twilight is appalling in comparison but we won't go there.

Have you started any yearly challenges?
Perhaps a Project 365?

Do feel free to link me to anything your doing over the course of 2012 and of course book recommendations!

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