I Love ... Juiced Up Blackcurrant.

Today I have something to show you which I'm sure many of you have seen before. I however haven't seen the 'I Love' products around where I live until recently.

I made it my mission to find somewhere that stocked them after I tried this. I found a small selection of the core products (Mango & Papaya/Coconut & Cream/Strawberries & Milkshake). I love the look of the new Cherry Sweetheart for Valentine's and Juicy Watermelon, new products to be added to the line. But alas I couldn't get them! Where to find.

Anyway not that I need more shower gel but I jumped at the chance to try this for 2 reasons -
1. I've seen a lot of people rave about these.
2. Blackcurrant isn't a scent I seem to find often in shower gels.

What the bottle says:
Take a whopping big bite out of life. My delicious aroma is bursting with super juicy blackcurrants all ready to explode into action leaving you with your very own bite size portion of happiness!

Imagine Ribena brewed up into a shower gel and this would be it. I sit reminding myself of the scent currently and it is truly wonderful. It smells extremely juicy and fruity but not at all false.

It goes on super smoothly and didn't dry my skin out at all. I don't find the scent lasts too long on the skin but it left the bathroom smelling amazingly and it really lingered. My Mum was not best pleased as she doesn't like blackcurrants!

This is currently limited edition and an amazing £2.05 for 500ml (that's half a litre!) of product. Amazing value.

The packaging is also super cute, reminds me of Philosophy a little bit.

I definitely want to try more of the shower gels (don't tell my Mum she says I don't need any more, pssh!).

Have you tried I Love ... before?
What do you think of the amazing value?
Would you try them at this price?

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