My First Gelicure.

I've had more than my fair share of compliments over my nails for the past fortnight.

Especially since I popped this photo from my birthday post up:

I had so many people asking me what polish it was. Unfortunately for those hoping to get their mitts on it, it's actually an NSI coloured gel. Topped with a coat of clear gel suspended with a whole ton of micro holographic glitter. Lovely stuff!

The photo above was taken exactly two weeks ago, the day after I had it.

Even now it's still looking fabulous:

It's so nice not having to worry that I really should take my polish off as it's getting tip wear. I don't have any of those problems (ring finger tip wear is from filing) with a gel mani.

I did wonder if I could commit myself to a colour for three weeks and I think if it wasn't glittery, I just couldn't do it. But the glitter in it reflects light like crazy and it's such a dazzling affect.

I will be sad to see this go in a weeks time but at least I can sleep easing knowing I won't have to remove the ton of glitter. And maybe one day soon I'll treat myself again to a gelicure.

Have you ever had one?
What do you think of them?
Could you commit to a colour for a fortnight or longer?

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