Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette.

A little before Christmas I took a lemming to the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. I was going to get it when it came out but did I really need another Urban Decay palette?

The next day I viewed the coming soon cobuys on BuyaPowa and what did you know, it was there! So I popped my email in the box and waited for it to go live.

Now if you don't know what BuyaPowa is it's a price drop type site. They bulk buy things which means they can give them to us cheaper. The more people that buy the cheaper it is and they offer a whole range of goodies to choose from!

This palette retails for about £39 and I got it for just £29! It was most definitely fate.

The palette is highly reflective so taking photos in any kind of good lighting is a nightmare but I tried anyway:

Overcast lighting:


When the tray of shadows is popped out it reveals a velvet lined keepsake box:

And I even recycled the velvet tray it came packed in:

15 brand new and never before seen shades. I used a few of them on Christmas day and got compliments from the family.

They are buttery soft and have just the right amount of shimmer, as with any Urban Decay shadows.

I am definitely pleased with my purchase and have been checking BuyaPowa religiously since to see if anything else I've been after comes up.

Have you bought anything from them before?
Would you?

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