Forgotten Favourites #2.

I had no intention of posting this, I felt like none of the pictures truly capture the actual colour of this beauty.
After rooting around old pictures on my SD card (this is from the start of January!), I managed to find one I was fairly happy with.

As with always, neons are pain in the butt to capture. But it's too beautiful not to.

China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise.

This is actually such a gorgeous colour, a touch darker in person but it still has that brightness. It dries to a matte but the shimmer that runs through it definitely lifts it and gives it something extra.

This was one of the first polishes I picked up when I started visiting Sally's and it mostly gets looked over. I believe I've only worn it twice, as much as I love neons they are effort. This was 3 thin watery coats but I've come to expect that from neons, no matter the brand.

After wearing this recently I found a new love for it and I will be wearing it a whole ton more when the sun decides to make regular appearances.

This is part of the core line that's carried all the time in Sally's, if you have spare £5 or so it's definitely worth picking up!

I finally get my new camera next week (eeee!) so I will be posting more and I really need to shop my stash and do more FF posts.

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