A Photo A Day For A Year - January.

At the start of this year I saw this doing the rounds on Tumblr ...

Thinking it was just one of those 30 day challenges, I didn't bother participating. Only on closer inspection I noticed the blog in question that posted these is posting a new one each month. 

I decided to start late and catch up as best I can so I'm currently doing more pictures per day until up to where I'm supposed to be.

Here is 'January' -

I'm actually posting these daily on my Tumblr as I didn't want to spam this blog with them until the end of the month.

I think this is a good way to do a 365 as you aren't at a loss as to what to post. You have a set target for each day, which is always fun!

Technically it's a 366 since this year is a leap year. There is one in February which involves work which I will be purposely skipping. As the company checks up on things employees say about them.

What do you think to things like this?

Also any help with skin would be fab. When I use rich moisturisers my pores get over oiled and I end up breaking out. I've been using break out skincare for the past couple days and I woke up with dry skin all along my upper lip, my cheekbones and underneath my bottom lip.

Is there any middle ground for products I could use? It's so sore and I've been moisturising the hell out of it but it's not helping. :(

Lack of posting has been due to working split shifts most days this last week and the next week. Sorry about that.

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