10 Minute Makeup.

I've come across a new routine for when I only have 10 or so minutes to spare. 

Getting up for work at 5AM every week day is early enough so I don't usually wear makeup but if I do this is how I do it.

I ended up doing it Friday before I nipped off to town so I thought I'd show you how it's done.

And on a side note, let's just revel in the beautiful skin I have here. Thank you portrait setting on my 600D, you are fab. I did no editing, love it.

001. Firstly I moisturised with Good Things Miracle Mattifier, it means I don't have to load up on a matte primer as well.

002. I use M.A.C Studio Moisture Tint in light, I apply a thin coat. Once it's dry I do another thin coat. Might sound odd but I don't feel one coat gives me enough coverage but 2 coats is still enough to not feel weighed down and like I'm actually wearing foundation.

003. Next I add a touch of brow powder. For this I used the shade 'dark brown' from the HD Brow palette in Vamp*.

004. I set my face with M.A.C's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light.

005. I add mascara to my lashes, whatever I lay my hands on usually. This was Barbara Daly's High Impact*.

006. If I'm going to work I just top this off with a swipe off lip balm. But since this wasn't a work look I finished it off with M.A.C's lipstick in Snob.

A quick and easy flawless look for when I don't have time.

What's your routine?

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