Canon 600D Test Shots.

Whilst my past couple of posts have been taken on my new camera, I thought I'd show you a few pictures I've shot over the past couple of days.

Nothing too fancy just trying out different lighting and settings, enjoy!

My most expensive investment but definitely one I'll forever be using. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Now, I posted in my original post about how excited I was to get this even though I was paying for it myself.

On Wednesday me and my friend trekked into town just to pick this up from Jessops. By the time we got there some other person snapped it up. We were told to order it online for collect in store.

We came home and did just that and it wouldn't be in till at least Saturday. Ugh, you know when you really have your heart set on something and you have to wait even longer? That sucks.

Thursday I came home from work at 10AM and went to sleep as I had killer stomach cramps. I left my phone on silent. When I woke up I had a missed call from Hannah (le friend), I tried calling and texting her back but she didn't answer.

Later on I got a text from my Mum telling me to help her in with the shopping so out I trot to the car in my jammies, she's opens the boot and in the corner I see the big white Jessops bag and start screaming the neighbourhood down and jumping up and down. I probably looked like a loon but who cares!

My Mum later on told me that Hannah had spoken to her right after she tried calling me, as I'd left her the money so she could pick it up Saturday. She purposely ignored me so it would be a surprise. I was honestly so shocked and that made receiving it even more special.

Everything looks so much better so I will definitely be posting a ton more now. I've already scheduled 5 posts just today.

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