Don't Let Me Die Young.

I was off all last week, I didn't get up to much but now I'm back at work and it's already taking it's toll.

Shrieking children and people telling be 'it's too good to be working' is my least favourite things. Unlike you, I have to be here!

I'm super sleepy this evening though and will schedule some posts in the next couple days.


 001 Spring time flowers. - Roses are my favourite, especially brightly coloured ones. It's nice and cheery having them around the house.

♡ 002 Sunshiney naps. - So glad it's getting nicer weather again but it makes me sleepy! Getting up at 5AM does take it's toll in the afternoon and trying not to sleep takes it out of me.

Falling asleep/waking up to the sun shining is rather comforting.

 003 Cheesecake. - Not actually a fan of cheesecake but I was super craving a piece on pay day. Picked up this delicious little slice from Tesco.

Super yum and I can't taste any cheese, like usual!

♡ 004 Pretty Little Liars. - I know I'm late to this one, since everyone was getting hyped up for 'A day' but I wanted to read the books first. I've slowly started them.

But I started the TV series a few days ago and I'm already currently watching S1 E17 at present.

It's super good and rather addictive.

♡ 005 Evenings at the beach. - We planned a trip down to Woolacombe last night to watch the sunset, only by the time we managed to get there it had long gone. Cheers traffic.

I do look forward to the longer evenings, BBQs and drinks with friends, warmer weather, all that good stuff.

♡ 006 Fluffy bunnies. - Bought this little guy home today. He's a dwarf agouti and a super cutie, ooh I rhymed! He doesn't yet have a name. I just call him Studmuffin. All will be revealed on that front in a few weeks.

What are your favourite pet names? Help me think of something?

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