M.A.C Pink Rebel Lustre Drops.

I've always profusely refused to owning and using a bronzer. I feel like I'm just way to white pale and it'd would just look odd on my skin.

I didn't know what I thought these were when buying but upon browsing the M.A.C website, these Lustre Drops are listed under bronzers. Who knew!

A bronzer that applies like liquid sun. Water-based, beautifully smooth to apply with added pearlized lustre.

Inspired by the popular M∙A∙C Face and Body FX. Provides sheer, natural-looking highlights with a luminous, shimmering finish.

I bought this when it appeared in the Style Warriors (hence the gold packaging, it's now black) and they were limited edition.

M.A.C made these permanent in April of last year though the site still has it listed as limited edition, it isn't.

Pink Rebel is a pink champagne base with a soft metallic gold shimmer. The other shade is Sun Rush which is a more peach bronze.

I tried swatching this but it didn't translate very well. It's a beautiful that I used as a shimmery highlight on the highs of my cheekbones (where they would be if I had prominent ones).

You really only need the tiniest amount which is where they get the 'drops' in the name from and why I still have something that was released in Spring 2009 ...

The best way to apply it is just add a drop to a finger and quickly blend it in. It dries super quick so you have to work quickly and get it blended in properly before it dries.

I haven't really seen much said about these so I thought I'd post about these before it gets to bronzer weather so you have to get a chance to purchase them by then!

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