Nicki Minaj x O.P.I - Save Me.

I don't usually post my nubbies but since this collection is still knocking about in Sally's and online, I thought I'd pop it up whilst it's still available.

When I saw the promos for this, it was the one polish I hated. It looked so ugly. But it was the only one I ended up picking up. Pink Friday was only a shade or so lighter than Leighton Denny's Baby Doll.

It's a pretty sheer polish that could be used as a top coat or made opaque with 3 coats, which is what I did for this mani.

Save me is a silver glitter base suspended with holo glitter strips. Is that what you call them?

Overcast lighting:


In some lighting it still looks pretty gross but in other lights it just dazzles.

I didn't use a very good top coat with this and it's started to peel off in big pieces, like I've heard people say about many O.P.I glitters (Rainbow Connection springs to mind) like this. I may or may not have helped it along the way ... Ahem.

Either way I do love the effect of this polish and I'm currently rocking it on both fingers and toes!

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