O.P.I Catch Me In Your Net.

I decided for this weekends nails, to use one of my most favourite O.P.I's.

Scouring the net, thinking this was from last years Summer release, apparently it was from 2010, the 'Summer Flutter' collection. Time flies, I didn't realise I'd got it so long ago.

But the mini set is still available on Radiant Babe and probably eBay. Also similar in colour to Zoya - Charla and Orly - Halley's Comet.

Applied with 2 coats:

It's a super lush metallic foil looking but it has a slight duochrome sheen where it can look slightly green/yellow.

I didn't want just plains nails so I topped it off with O.P.I's Silver Shatter:

The difference isn't as obvious as I thought it would be as both polishes have very similar finishes, in the sense that they're both have a foil/glitter finish.

I do however love this polish, it's definitely one for the sunny Summer days.

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