So Much For A Quiet Weekend.

This weekend was all about ...

 001. Drinks - I don't really go into town all that often but when I do, I always make sure I pick up a 'Smooth' shake. I know I've posted about it before. It's the same as a Shakeaway but it's not a chain.

I always try a different shake whenever I go. This time I had fizzy bubblegum, it was ok but definitely not one I'd have again in a hurry.

I look forward to the warmer weather, I was going to have a FroYo with it for breakfast on Friday but it was much too cold for that!

 002. Haircuts - I had the long overdue snip on Friday. It looks beautiful again, the week before I get it cut it always looks unruly because it gets way to long.

 003 3-for-2's. - I hadn't planned on actually buying anything of interest in town but I had time to kill before the hairdressers so I was browsing the stands in Boots and Superdrug.

Then I remembered I wanted a clear mascara to keep my brows in place. Superdrug had a 3-for-2 on the C2K bits and pieces. I spent ages deciding whether to or not but Dancing Queen Glam Crystals (pinky one) was the last one so I decided to pick that up as it was calling out to be, along with Pizzazz, which is actually a gorgeous bright Christmas green. Oh yes, I did it. I did say the c word. What of it?

 004 Jacked up lighters. - I hate waiting for food, it's probably one of the worst things, especially when you're super hungry. Spent the weekend over at Mike's (Mother's boyf). Dan and I got super bored waiting for them to come home with munchies that he started messing around with lighters.

Not actual one for pyromania, in fact the opposite but it did look pretty awesome and it passed the time.

 005 Chinese food. - Got treated to dinner Friday night. Tried something different as I always eat the same thing, and hated it. That'll teach me. Stick to what you know.

 006 Glittery Christmas drinks. - Oops, mentioned that word again. But how awesome is this J20, it has glitter in it! It didn't taste all that nice but there we go.

I was pretty tired on Friday evening after running around everywhere all day. Settled down to sleep on Friday night and the next door neighbours decided that was the time to start the party.

Just nodding off to sleep and all I hear is BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!

Fabulous. Ended up sleeping this afternoon as soon as I got home because I was that tired from lack of sleep. I could of gone round there and smacked them one. How inconsiderate. It carried on till gone half 3 in the AM.

Some people have no manners.

Hope the watermark is not to distracting from the photos themselves. Still reeling after my post earlier. Honestly shocked that people have time to that.

One more week left of work and then I'm off for 9 days. Any suggestions for something I can do with minimal money? May go for a walk somewhere, weather dependent of course.

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