Sunday Dinner.

Sunday's are my least favourite day of the week. They're usually full of sleep deprivation and 6.5 hours of delightful, stroppy customers. Let me tell you, that is a horrible combination.

Work also starts their week on a Sunday (weird, right?), everyone that works 9-5 weekday jobs gets a Monday feeling - well I get that on a Sunday!

But I usually come home to a roast dinner and my bed.

Yesterday, Hannah invited me, Mother, her boyf and his son over for dinner. A little unusual for me as I normally get home from work and my Dad's cooked it all for me but since he's found himself a lovely lady, he's been spending weekends with her.

I of course, hated being separated from my camera all day so I couldn't wait to get home and be reunited.

I'm not really sure if I like the last picture, it was taken speeding along a dual carriageway. Obviously it wasn't me driving! Just you know ... In case you thought I might be crazy enough to do that.

No one would let me take photos of them, seems they're all camera shy and no doubt they'd kill me if I put them on here.

But Sunday night was filled with amazing roast potatoes (along with a yummy dinner), delicious dessert and laughs late in to the night - even though I had to be up at 5AM this morning. Ouch.

All in all, a lush start to the week.

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