The Best Kind Of Palettes.

This was one of the first things I was drawn to way before I started blogging and I recently bit the bullet and bought a new one on eBay as I lost my old one.

Yes. I lost a palette of this size. What can I say, the mind does wonder how I do these things.

It's one of the most popular palettes that's amazing value.

Can you guess what it is?

It is of course, the 88 Palettes, this being the Shimmer edition.

This was actually my very first post on here, cue cringing.

This palette is the whole reason I've been so uninspired with colour lately, there's some crazy brights in this palette that I adore and now I have it I will be hopefully, posting a ton more colourful looks.

You can buy these from all different places, eBay sellers in Hong Kong for super cheap (but you run the risk of it being damaged in transit), Coastal Scents.

Crown Brushes sell this palette for ... £27.49 ... If you don't believe me look! I didn't do eBay back in the day so I got my original from there. But scouring eBay recently, looking for UK sellers I found this palette for just £7.90 including delivery!

I paid for this late on a Tuesday evening, it got dispatched to me on Wednesday and it was with me early afternoon on Thursday. Amazing.

These palettes are fab if you're just starting out or you just want more colours. They do different finishes Shimmer, Ultra Shimmer, Matte, Metal Mania, Warm (neutrals).

A few of the colours can be difficult to work with and a few of them can be a bit powdery but for the most part, they are fab. The pigmentation is so insane they've stained my white M.A.C brushes in the past and it took ages for me to get rid of it.

I cannot recommend these highly enough.

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